Style Me Saturday: Oprah Show

Reader Caitlin wrote me because she's attending a taping of Oprah and wanted some outfit suggestions. It was requested that they don't wear white or beige tops since they don't show up well on camera, but other than that there weren't any restrictions. Caitlin let me know that she wasn't afraid of color, so here are my suggestions (click on any photo below to purchase/for more information):

I originally had THIS sweater and THIS necklace (in gold) but changed them for the post after Caitlin thought the original version might wash her out. THIS navy tie sweater would also be a good alternative!


cg said...

I think the same reader sent in a request to "FashionUnder100"... just between you and I, I like your outfit choices WAY more :D

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

CG - Thanks. :)

LizO830 said...

I was recently interviewed (for NASA tv) and in researching what works best on camera, I learned that it's typically best to stick with solid colors rather than prints. So other than the printed tank, I love your suggestions!