Anthropologie Plaza Cardigan

Anthropologie's Plaza cardigan by Moth retailed for $128 and came in a variety of colors but is no longer available.

Although the ruffles are slightly smaller, this INC International Concepts ruffled cardigan reminded me of the Anthro version above. It retails for $79 and you can click on the photo below if you're interested in purchasing (also available in charcoal grey or mink).

INC International Concepts at ShopStyle

Blue Tassel has an even closer option for $89 at Zappos, and it's available in a bunch of additional colors like teal, oatmeal, black, and ivory. Click on the photo below to purchase.



Jan Thompson said...

I love this cardy, the color especially and and for the price it rocks!

Unknown said...

I have the INC version and irl pics in this post. The one from Zappos looks good, too. :-)

T said...

Belk also has a copy in brand Madison. Shorter than the original but I bought it for my sister and she loved it. I have the Anthro one, and I liked them about equally.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Gigi - Love the pics of the INC version on you!

T - Thanks for the info!

emily said...

Nice find! I actually prefer the look of the INC version. I am an anthro-fiend, but the ruffles were a little overwhelming IMO on the plaza cardi.


Miss Sweet Tea said...

I saw a similar cardigan at Forever 21 from their Love21 collection. I remembered you had posted this, so I thought I'd share...

It's a little different because it has an asymmetrical hemline and less ruffles, but it's a good "inspired by" for those of us on a budget.


Have a great weekend!