Celebrity Look 4 Less: Blake Lively as Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl

I've had a lot of requests about finding a lookalike to the beautiful sequin sweater dress that Blake Lively's character Serena wore on Gossip Girl (episode "The Witches of Bushwick"). If you want to see the real things identified, check out Gossip Girl Fashion.

Now this sweater is listed as a "tunic" so it may be a bit short for some of the taller ladies. It does NOT come with the ruffles underneath as shown on the model. You can click on any photo below to purchase, and price information can be found below.

Blazer - $58
Sweater - $98 (a sleeveless dress like THIS one will also give you a similar look)
Tights - $6.80
Shoes - $30
Bag - $48

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