Celebrity Look 4 Less: Lauren Conrad

I love how Lauren paired her olive blouse (my favorite color!) with a pair of high waisted Rebecca Taylor shorts which she wore to a Teen Vogue party. (Photo credit)

If you want to recreate Lauren's look, I found several items that will help you. First is a silk blouse (also comes in a lighter green color if you prefer) which retails for $69.90 at Express, some high waisted shorts ($49), and black pumps ($25.50). Throw on a simple silver necklace ($4.80) and some rings (separate them for a look similar to Lauren's or stack them all on one finger ($6.50) and you're all set! Click on any image below for more information or to purchase (you could also wear a pair of high waisted trousers like THESE to make this either winter or work appropriate!).


Unknown said...

I like the outfit. It gives me an idea for some shorts I have, but haven't worn. Her hair looks great, too.

Amber's Notebook said...

super cute! and totally perfect for the weather we are currently having in Cali!

LahTeaDah said...

Great Outfit... wish I could pull it off. Tried Shorts the other day and Im not sure if it was the wrong kinda shorts or I have the wrong kinda body ;) either way I wouldnt wear them out!

Yours Truly


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Anonymous said...

I love that blouse. I may try out the Express version, I have a coupon :)