Closet Essentials: Low Heeled/Flat Boots

As I mentioned in my last Closet Essentials post, I tend to wear mostly flats or low heeled boots on a daily basis and a reader asked if I could feature some cute (age appropriate) low boots. Some of you have asked why I don't wear heels often, and I've mentioned before that there are several reasons. Number one, they just aren't practical for my everyday life. Number two, I'm pretty tall (around 5' 9 1/2") without shoes, so adding 3-4 inches of height is fine for a special occasion but I tend to feel a bit conspicuous running around in huge heels for a trip to the grocery store.

I have three pairs of boots in my wardrobe, and I think all are perfect for someone that is looking for a lower heeled or flat boot to add to their own closet. (Click on any image in this post for more information unless otherwise noted.)

As I'm sure you've noticed in some Style Me Saturday posts, I'm obsessed with these Steve Madden Intyce low wedge boots. I have a similar pair that I bought a couple of years ago from Bakers and I love them. You can also get a less expensive (faux suede) option at Payless for $39.99 if the Steve Madden version is a bit out of your budget.

Another pair of boots I have in my closet are some black riding boots that I bought from DSW last fall. Here is a similar pair for $138.

The most recent addition to my closet was this pair of Katherine Engineer boots from Target (click HERE to purchase). A dead ringer for the Frye Harness boots, these are real leather for $49.99 and I absolutely adore them so far.

I did some searching and although I'm not currently in the market for any new boots, here are some low heeled versions that caught my eye for under $150.


Kristen said...

i just bought the intyce boots last week after owning a few knock-offs and i love them. they're definitely worth the $$

Lis said...

I got the intyce last week too. returned them though. I don't think my legs are wide enough for them. lots of ankle sag-or is that OK?? And they really didn't seem that durable. I LOVE the look of them though. Still trying to find something similar to replace them with.