Inspired by...J Crew (Reader Request)

A reader sent in this photo from a recent J Crew email, and asked if I could recreate it for less. You can see all of the pieces used in the J Crew version HERE.

Total cost of this outfit = $913.50 (the boots alone are $350!)

Here is my interpretation of this look, assisted by reader Molly who sent in THIS ByCorpus sweater as an alternative to the J Crew Marled lambswool Apres cardigan above.

Product information can be found below the photo, and you can click on any image below to purchase. I wasn't able to find exact matches for the skirt or boots, so if you're interested in splurging on one item - I'd go for the J Crew skirt (just my opinion).

Sweater - $68 (click HERE for an alternative option for $34.99)
Button down plaid shirt - $38
Skirt - $59.50
Tights - $14
Socks - $4.80
Boots - $35.80
Bag - $48
Bracelets - $15.50 each
Watch - $38

Total cost = $337.10
(saving you $576.40 - and you could save even more by using items you already own like a black bag, a watch, etc)


Kristen said...

you're a miracle worker, i like your picks WAY better than the add, they're more people friendly and not so commercialized.

Hilary said...

You are amazing. This blog is brilliant. It makes me happy every day.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks Miss K and Hilary. You both just made my day! :)