Style Me Saturday: Loving Loft

Amy wrote in with this gorgeous Ann Taylor Loft look from their recent lookbook and she was wondering if I could help her come up with a similar outfit as some of the pieces shown are no longer available. I tried to use some of the same pieces, but I did come up with two different looks to give her a couple of options.

This first look is my interpretation of the Loft look, I substituted their darker bronze skirt (not available online at this time) with a gold metallic version from Delias. The sweater vest with fur trim is also unavailable, so I took a regular sweater vest from Loft and paired it with their faux fur collar (which can easily be pinned to mimic the original version's look). Click on any of the images below to purchase or for more information!

This second look is a less expensive option, and a bit of a darker color scheme. I took a faux fur trimmed vest from Charlotte Russe and paired it with a black and red brocade skirt. I like both looks equally well, it really just depends on your own preferences! Click on any image for more information.

1 comment:

Yams said...

Just wanted to say again how thankful I am that you were able to find these alternatives for me!

I stopped by LOFT's site again a few days later and would you believe all the items are available now? Go figure!

However, I'm still really impressed with the look/price of some of the alternatives and will probably be picking them up instead of the originals anyway.