Style Me Saturday: San Fran Thanksgiving

Katelyn wrote in asking for some suggestions on what to wear to San Francisco when she goes with her boyfriend over Thanksgiving. They will be visiting museums, trying different restaurants, and sightseeing. She doesn't want to wear a sweatshirt and sneakers the entire time, and admires the style of Kim Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari, Vanessa Hudgens, and Taylor Swift. Here are the outfits I came up with - click on any of the images below for more information.

Note: The black flats, wedges, and boots in some of the sets would be interchangeable depending on Katelyn's activities for the day. The black jacket would also go with pretty much any of the sets if the weather is chilly.

Most of the looks are casual, but I put together this dressier look to transition into evening - maybe a dinner out.

I love this draped sleeve cardigan!

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Cheryl said...

As a native of the Bay Area, I highly recommend flats for walking around all day SF. If you don't have time to change into heels for evening dinners, a dressier flat transitions easily from day to night and can be worn with a pair of dark jeans. Also, remember to layer! It can get warm during the day and be rather chilly at night. I usually go out with a tank/tee, cardigan, jacket, and a scarf, especially for Nov weather. (You can skip the jacket if you have a heavy, blanket cardigan, like the ones by Vince.) And I can never leave the house without a pair of sunglasses for the city, it's sunny out in Cali, even in November.

Have a great time!!