Style Me Saturday: Tel Aviv Trip

Stephanie wrote me asking for some packing assistance for her upcoming trip to Tel Aviv. She likes the style of Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Bilson, and Lauren Conrad. She will be touring the holy sites so no shorts or bare shoulders, and although she tends towards black and grey she wanted to add some color to her wardrobe. Stephanie also wanted an idea of what to wear on the 10 hour plane ride, and will be going to dinner at least one night with her boyfriend. One last tricky item is that the weather will be in the mid to high 70's during the day but dropping to around the 40's at night - so I threw in some warmer accessories (jackets, scarves). Click on any image for more information.

First I suggested something comfy for the 10 hour plane ride, some jeggings (as comfy as leggings but more substantial) paired with a jersey top from Gap (love these!). Throw on a scarf to add some color, and it doubles as a pillow or makeshift blanket on a chilly plane.

Next up are two possible outfits for date night - I wasn't sure if Stephanie preferred a dress or pants so I included both as options.

And finally, my packing suggestions broken down into tops (looser, breezy tops that will look great over slim jeans or jeggings), bottoms (jeggings, straight leg, and cropped denim), and accessories (scarves, some jewelry that will go with any outfit, simple flats, and two jacket options - a lighter weight trench for day and a fleece jacket for cooler evenings).

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