Style Me Saturday: Vancouver Vacation

Jessica wrote in asking for suggestions of what to pack for her upcoming Vancouver trip. She's from Southern California, so isn't used to the cooler weather. She also wanted to use her cognac riding boots and grey suede knee high boots, so I incorporated those into the outfits. She admires the style of Reese Witherspoon and Kim Kardashian, and loves to shop at Forever 21, Anthropologie, Arden B, and Bebe.

This first set is made up of shirts that I thought would look cute with her cognac boots, but they could also be mixed and matched with the grey boots in the second set. I tried to incorporate some short sleeve shirts (paired with a cardigan for Vancouver's cooler weather) that she would be able to wear in her daily life once she returns to Cali.

Same goes for this second set - any of the items could go with the cognac boots in the first set.

It wasn't specified if a dressier outfit would be needed, but I put together a set (the black boots could be substituted with the grey suede version she already owns). I chose fleece lined leggings instead of tights to keep her legs even warmer in case of chilly temperatures.

And finally, some chic outerwear! I love this ruffle bottom wool trench, and paired with a cute headband/hat and gloves she'll be all set for heading north.

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Chiara Popalopa said...

As a fellow Vancouver resident, I wanted to add that it is very cold here... Even if we have temperatures around 10C, it feels mostly like 0. Especially when it's raining and we have no sun... I think the weather is very humid so the cold gets easily into your clothes... I would recommend packing something maybe rain/wind repellent...