Super Savings - Under $20: November 2010

I love all the feedback I've been getting on the Linea Pelle giveaway post, and I wanted to incorporate one idea in particular where someone suggested I post some items under $20. This was kind of tricky, I'll admit, but it's also a good way to feature more accessories (another popular suggestion). I will try and do a Super Savings post at the beginning of every month in addition to the new J's Frugal Finds post (featuring items under $50 - previewing tomorrow and which I hope to do weekly).

Here are some items under $20 that I'm loving for November. Click on any photo for more information unless otherwise noted.

This lace cardigan from Target reminds me of the Rodarte for Target one that Chloe is always sporting (making me incredibly sad I never bought one!) as well as Amber (hers is the mustard yellow color). This one is only $19.99, and now I don't have to be sad anymore!
Note: Several people have commented that this cardigan is on clearance at their store for $9.99 (or less). I just returned from Target and it was on the clearance racks - I believe I paid $9.98 for mine!

I love slouchy knit hats for fall and winter, and this white one from Old Navy is cute AND budget friendly at only $9.50.

I'm always drooling over J Crew's crystal and chain jewelry but don't want to shell out $60+ for an accessory. Check out this inexpensive option from AE for only $15.50.

I'll admit, I'm not one for belts - they rarely look right on me but I like the braided detail on this affordable one from F21. It retails for $4.80 and also comes in black.

A quilted wallet that could double as a mini clutch for only $12.80? Yes please!

And finally, this watch from Wet Seal retails for $16.50 and is a cross between these 2 (click here and here) pricey watches from Michael Kors.

Do you like this new monthly feature? Feedback is appreciated in the comments below! :)


jessalyn said...

i love this feature! i am short on spending money, so little things i can get to liven up my wardrobe are a great thing!

Mrs. Hanson said...

love it! i actually have the lace cardi from Target :) its my fav peice right now!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

jessalyn - Glad you like it! Thanks for commenting.

Whitney - How does it run? I am thinking I need it.

Stacey said...

LOVE this feature...please keep it up! :)

BESOS LYNN said...

The lace cardigan is on sale at Target. I just purchased it on Friday for $7 bucks! Please look online or in your local Target. They had tons of them at my local Target in NJ. I hope you can find one. besoslynn.blogspot.com

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

BESOS Lynn - Good to know! It's not on sale online - it's still listed as $19.99.

Kristen said...

Jen! AWESOME idea for posts! I really like this and that fact that you included clothes like the cardi and not just accessories. great, fantastic and wonderful!! xoxo

cg said...

OMG, this feature is the bomb! I loves it!! The bracelet and watch are FANTASTIC finds.. Thanks !!!

Jessica said...

I second Besos Lynn- was at my local Target (MA) in almost every size and color for 9.99 on clearance (this past weekend.)

Anonymous said...

I like this feature a lot, too... maybe you could have a regular feature for all the round numbers... $25, $30, $40, etc.?