J's Frugal Finds

Here are some of my fave frugal finds this week, all under $50! Click on any image to purchase unless otherwise noted. I hope you like my picks this week! Have you found any steals/deals that you'd like to share?

Aerie Slouchy Knit Pants - click HERE - $24.95 (on sale)
It's getting to be that time of year where literally all I want to do is snuggle under the covers in my pj's. Mainly because it's dark and freezing outside when I get up for work, and snow...ugh...snow. These pants look perfect for a lazy day at home!

Forever 21 Antique Filigree Ring - $4.80
Love the pink/coral color!

Forever 21 Leatherette Buckle Belt - $5.80
I've said it before and I'll say it again - belts look weird on me. I love how they look on other people but apparently I have a really weird shaped body or something because they just make me look...awkward. In any case, if you're a belt person, I thought this one was cute!

Heritage 1981 Polka Dot & Ruffle Shirt Dress - $24.90
I've been on the hunt for a polka dot blouse, and this adorable dress caught my eye. Not a blouse, but still super cute!

LOFT Grace Bow Slipper - $24.50
I hope these don't sell out before this post goes live, but these slippers are SO adorable. I love the knit texture and the pretty little bow. They would make a great gift! (By the way - they are 40% off right now with code HOLIDAY)

Francesca's Collection Circle of Life Leopard Loop Scarf - $18 (click HERE)
Eternity scarf + leopard = perfection


cg said...

STOP THE PRESSES!! Those slippers are soooooo friggin cute, OMG I nearly choked on my toast!!!

AHHHH, they are perfect... I bought these earrings from LOFT (for the same price) and I've been meaning to exchange/return them... YES! I'm so happy now lol

THANK YOU for featuring them!!!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

cg - Glad you like them! I'm debating getting some for myself - they are just too cute.

The TropicVogue. said...

LLLOOOOVVVEEEE the ring!! the color is so beautiful!! great blog!!