Style Me Saturday: Engagement Photos

Reader Caren wrote in wondering if I could put some engagement photo outfits together for her. They will be taking them in Myrtle Beach (starting out on the beach) in January. She knows it's going to be cold but doesn't want that to get in the way of looking fabulous! She was thinking maybe a sweater, jeans, and bare feet for the beach shots and a sweater dress or regular dress and tights + boots.

Here are the options I sent her (click on any photo for more information) - which one is your favorite?:

I love the back of this dress from Anthropologie - so pretty!

Here are a few more dress options:

I love the subtle shimmer on this sweater...perfect for some relaxed beach shots in my opinion!

Some more sweater options:

1 comment:

Sherry said...

My favorite is the one with the scoop neck by BBDakota. All of the looks are great but I think the grey against the sand will stand out the best. It is also closest to what she said she wanted... Great job all the way around!