Style Me Saturday: Family Trip to Spain

Nicole wrote in as she's planning a trip to Spain this month and wanted some suggestions on what to pack. She told me her style is pretty similar to Shopbop's "Casual Chic" category and tends to dress classic and conservative. Here are the outfit ideas I sent her - click on any photo for more info unless otherwise noted.

A dressy outfit for a nice dinner or evening out...

This silk top could be made more casual for day by pairing it with black boots instead of heels.

And some accessories - (Nicole already has two crossbody style bags so I didn't include any handbags in this set).

Have you ever been to Spain? If you have any suggestions for Nicole, please leave them in the comments below!


Libbeh said...

such cute outfits! i love this set!

Christine said...

OMG! I love this! I'm going to Spain and Ireland in March and this really helped me! I might request an update before I go from ya!