Style Me Saturday: ModCloth Dress

Natalie wrote in after purchasing this ModCloth dress, wondering if I could suggest how to style it. I thought keeping it simple was best, as the silhouette and color are interesting and I wanted to keep the accessories neutral to keep them from competing with that. Click on any of the images below for more information!

How would you style this dress? I'm sure Natalie would love to hear any suggestions my readers might have - feel free to comment below!


Betty said...

I love that you chose to pair a belt with this dress. I never would have thought of that!

Anonymous said...

I would have probably used teal accesories

Sherry said...

I styled this dress a couple of weeks ago with some teal earrings and red shoes... I like more flashy - and I like your post. You can find it here. I love this blog - thank you for all the looks for less you pull together. Inspiring really.


J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks for all the feedback ladies!