Style Me Saturday: New Mom

Lauren is a 25 year old new mom (she just had a baby 5 months or so ago) and feels as if she's in style limbo. She doesn't want to dress like a teen anymore, but she also doesn't want to dress "like a mom". She loves Ann Taylor Loft and J Crew's classic, sophisticated, and girlie looks. Lauren is also on a budget so I tried to keep the individual prices of items low, and recently purchased some jeggings and the boots featured below from Wet Seal. Click on any of the items below for more information!

It doesn't really go with the look Lauren is into, so I'd nix the turban worn by the model in this look - unless that's your style, then rock the turban!


Kari Beth said...

Great and functional looks for a new mom!!!!

Anonymous said...

Cute looks! How are the boots in person? I have been looking for a similar style but I am unsure if they are practical for the snow we get in MI. :)