Super Savings - Under $25: December

Here are my super frugal finds for December - all under $25 this time! As you can tell, it's starting to feel frigid here in the midwest and I'm craving all things cozy (with a couple exceptions). Click on any photo for more information unless otherwise noted!

Old Navy Faux Fur Lined Hoodie - $24.50 on sale
I have a similar hoodie from three years ago (mine is AE) and it's SO cozy. I wear it often in the winter months.

Cooperative Faux Fur Lined Cozy Mitten - $24
They're called the cozy mitten and with faux fur lining I easily imagine why.

Fleece Lined Leggings - $18
These fleece lined leggings from Anthropologie make wearing a dress in winter (at least here) a little more bearable.

Target Mossimo Kitten Heel - $24.99
I've said it before and I'll say it again - everyone needs some leopard print in their life.

Damsel Cat Eye Sunglasses - $16
I wear sunglasses all year - the sun is bright when it glares off all that snow! Love the cat eye shape on these Urban Outfitters sunnies.

Vintage rose headband - $7.80
Take your styling cues from Prince William's fiancee Kate Middleton, who loves sporting interesting headpieces, with this inexpensive version from F21.

Have you spotted any great finds under $25 that you want to share? Comment below!


cg said...

omg, i've been avoiding those baby heels for too long.. x-mas shopping for yourself is allowed, right??

Kristen said...

LOVE these posts!!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

cg - definitely!

Miss K - Thanks! :)