What I'm Wearing: Black and Camel and Grey - Oh My!

Today I decided to bust out my H&M poncho that a friend bought for me this fall (thank you Steph!! Here's your pic finally!) since I don't have an H&M store nearby. I fell in love after seeing it in the H&M commercial during The Rachel Zoe project and I'm glad I scooped one up because soon after they were impossible to find anywhere but eBay. I wasn't sure if the poncho trend was for me, but I'm glad I tried it because it's super comfortable! What do you think of the poncho trend?

Outfit details:
H&M poncho
Gap tee
J Brand jeggings
Ciao Bella riding boots

For those who were wondering - Einstein is improving and hopefully will be back all on four legs soon! Thanks so much for all of the positive thoughts and well wishes. You guys are the best.
Get the look:
Unfortunately the H&M poncho is sold out, but I did find some alternatives from Forever 21 although not in camel. I did find a similar camel colored poncho but it's a bit pricey - I included it below for those who might be interested. Other alternatives are listed if I was unable to find the same item I'm wearing. Click on any image for more information!


The Budget Babe said...

You look great. I bet the poncho looks fab as you move, too, esp on a windy day!

Unknown said...

You look so beautiful. I have to try some gray & camel. Me likey.

Glad to see your doggie is doing well. Cute gear there, too ;-)

Stacey said...

Love the poncho, I got it in grey but i'm loving the camel on you!

Get well Soon Einstein!

Unknown said...

i have that poncho and adore it!! I wear it a little too much :)

Just Dandy Blog said...

The poncho is adorable on you! You did great styling it! I have it too, but sometimes I think I look like I am wearing a snuggie when I am wearing it! lol :)
Too cute! Have a great week!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You are beautiful! I bought some leggings but I haven't put together an outfit to wear them with yet! I guess I am a little intimidated to try something new! ♥

Kristen said...

you look great! i like the poncho trend, it's warm and chic

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thank you so much everyone!!! <3