Wolford Leo Tights

Wolford's Leo tights retail for $68 and were recently worn by Kourtney Kardashian in NYC. (Photo credit)

Wolford at ShopStyle

If you also want to try out this leopard tight trend, you can do so for less with any of the three pairs below. The first is from Kate Spade, on sale for $24. The second pair is from Asos, retailing for $13.24, and the final pair is from Nine West for $12. Click on any photo for more information.

Kate Spade at ShopStyle

Asos at ShopStyle

Nine West at ShopStyle


Anonymous said...

Urban has a pair too I just purchased!


Jenny K. said...

Love the Nine West ones!

Unknown said...

Target has a pair too! Little different but still really cute.


LizO830 said...

Target also sells a footless version that would look great with boots. http://bit.ly/f27kF5

AngryGrin said...

I won a pair of leopard (search: animal print too) tights on ebay for less than $5, including shipping.
They are a cross between the Kate Spade and the Nine West ones.

mariam said...

FYI Stylebop.com has the Wolford tights for $55