Celebrity Look 4 Less: Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian looked gorgeous in black and grey in Glendale, CA on January 7th. (Photo credit)

You may already have some similar items in your closet, but if not - I put together a look for you in the photo below. Click on any photo for more information - prices can be found below the image.

Sunglasses - $24
Scarf - $8.80
Wallet - $29.95
Blazer - $29.80
Tee - $14
Jeggings - $19.90
Boots - $76.99 on sale


Kristen said...

even though her face looks super plastic up close here, i loved this outfit. i saved it to my file to copy the look and here you are with a post about it!

Anonymous said...

KK always looks great - even in sweats!



Love love love you!!! lol. I've been looking everywhere for 'look 4 less' version of the Burberry shearling boots. Most that I have found aren't pretty, but this Aldo boot is so cute! Thank you!!