Rebecca Minkoff MAB Mini With Strap

Rebecca Minkoff's Morning After Bag (mini) with strap retails for $495 at Rebecca Minkoff.com.

Rebecca Minkoff at ShopStyle

If you love the simple style of the Morning After bag but want a budget friendly option, check out this 70's bowler bag from Asos. It's also available in green (click here) and you can click on the photo below to purchase it for $60.34.

Asos at ShopStyle

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Unknown said...

Thanks!! I have wanted a MAB for so long and this is the perfect alternative. It's funny because I have been on Asos so much in the past couple of weeks looking at bags and it never occurred to me this is almost the exact same bag until you put them side by side :) I just ordered the Asos one because of this post so I really appreciate it!