Style Me Saturday: Grad School Interview

Reader Sarah wrote me wondering if I could give her some outfit ideas for her upcoming grad school interview. She wants to look professional but not cookie cutter, and loves Anthropologie (which she describes as her "style inspiration"). She is fine with either a skirt or pants, but doesn't want to show up in an entire suit. She also wants some budget friendly options - here are the looks I sent her (click on any image for more information!):

This is my favorite of the four looks, and I would tuck the shirt in. It's actually inspired by an outfit worn by Kitty on Brothers & Sisters in a recent episode. Love it!

This look is whimsical with the butterfly printed top, but still professional and put together.

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Amy Lynn said...

While I love these outfits, I emphatically recommend that she wear the full suit. I have been there, done that, and even if the program you are interviewing for is considered "casual" or purely academic, those evaluating you want to see that you view it as a professional commitment.