Style Me Saturday: March Birthday

Raquel wrote in because she's looking for an outfit for her birthday in March. She wanted an outfit that she could wear out on the town but also basic enough that she could wear the individual pieces as everyday wear. She wants to look sophisticated but also flirty and cute. Here is the outfit idea that I sent her, with some alternative items below. Click on any photo for more information!

Bell bottom jeans are going to be big for spring, so I embraced that style along with a pair of great platform sandals to give her an outfit that is both sophisticated and on trend. I think the floral print top is fantastic, I love the colors and floral is always great for spring as well. Top things off with a light colored (faux) leather jacket (which has a ton of great reviews!) and some earrings and you're all set! I also think all of these pieces are wonderful on their own and would mix and match easily with different items she may already own.

Click HERE for the jeans.

If you don't like the bell bottom look, I'd suggest some straight leg or more subtle bootcut jeans. I also threw in a few less expensive shoe options (although I love the Miu Miu lookalikes in the set above).

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