Style Me Saturday: Navy and White

Reader Chloe wrote in asking if I could help her style this navy and white dress she purchased recently. She's tried both a cropped blazer (she thought it looked too boxy) and a cotton cardigan (which she felt sort of dowdy in) - basically neither worked. She wants a couple ideas on how to cover it up for cooler weather, and here are two suggestions I sent her (click on any of the photos for more info with the exception of the dress - you can click HERE for more information).

This cardigan has a slim fit (see it here on Chloe from The Chloe Conspiracy), and belted it will give (the other) Chloe even more of a shape.

For this second look I thought the dress would look cute with a fitted leather jacket over it. You could substitute the booties for neutral flats or heels if you prefer.

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