What I'm Wearing: Wedding Weekend - Packing Edition

My sister is getting married this weekend, so I sat down this morning and planned out what I'm going to be packing for the long, event packed three days without taking my entire closet. Here is my thought process, and what I'll be bringing along outfit wise (click on any image for more information, most are alternatives to the actual item I'm packing):

First is my travel outfit for Friday - I will be working for a couple of hours in the morning and then we will be driving for a couple of hours before arriving to help with any last minute preparations. I want to be comfortable as well as put together, and I wanted to be able to recycle most of the outfit for the salon on Saturday morning (I'm a bridesmaid) so I wanted a tunic with a wider neck (I'm getting my hair blown out but still wanted something I could slip over my head without causing too much static cling). Note: I realize many think Uggs are unfashionable but let's face it - Friday the high here is going to be FOUR. Yes, 4 measly degrees. So at least my feet will be warm, thank you very much!

Friday night is the rehearsal + dinner so I needed to bring a fancy dress + tights and heels. Yes, I realize I will likely be freezing.

Saturday morning I have to be at the salon pretty early, so I will be recycling (as mentioned above) most of the outfit from Friday during the day since I only have to wear it for a couple of hours before putting on my bridesmaid gear. As you can see, I will be changing out the blazer for a black pashmina scarf and ditching the necklace. The hat will only make a brief appearance to cover up my bedhead on the way to the salon.

*Note: I realize most people typically wear a button down blouse or zip up hoodie/top that they can easily remove after getting an updo - this is a great suggestion for those getting intricate hair styles or getting their makeup done at the salon. I have worn similar wide neck tees without any problems in the past, and am not too concerned this time because I'm just getting a blow out (thanks to my lovely friend lupus my hair is looking rather thin and sad these days!). I'm mainly worried about static control! I think that the tunic I'm wearing (different from pictured) has an even wider neckline so I should be able to remove it with no damage to my hair. A quick thank you to the reader that brought this up to me in an email! I definitely agree that a button down is best in most situations and wanted to clarify my outfit choice for others who might be wondering. :)

Sunday will be another fairly early morning with brunch starting at 8 or 9 AM. I know it will be freezing again, so I wanted to be warm and comfy in my favorite Target tunic (sadly no longer available online - check your local store!!) which will also be great for the 2 hour drive home. Click HERE or HERE for a couple great alternative options. *NOTE - 2/7/11* - Target tunic appears to be back in stock! Click here to purchase online.

So there you go - my packing process for a quick 3 day weekend trip when I have a million things to remember! I hope this helps you stretch your wardrobe a little bit when you head out of town and don't want to take your entire closet.


Anonymous said...

Love the rehearsal dress! Have fun!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks Jennifer! :)

Stacey said...

I love all the outfits you've put together and the lace dress is sooo pretty!


Kristen said...

Great options! You'll look fab all weekend long! the rehearsal dress is to die for!

Anonymous said...

4 degrees!?!? Good luck!! :) Love the outfits. The lace dress is gorgeous!

Megan said...

Love love love your outfit choices! I have a shirt just like the red and white tunic, but mine is tan and cream striped (from Kohls) -- could you put together an outfit for that?

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Stacy and Miss K - Thanks ladies!

MJ - Yes, 4 degrees (and that's without the wind chill!!). It will be arctic. Thanks!

Megan - You could definitely sub a tan and cream striped tunic in place of the red/white one in the outfits above but I will come up with another one and post here once I have it done. :)

The Sages said...

Is this the Target tunic?

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

^Yes, they must have restocked!