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I received an email this week that got me thinking about a few things in terms of the blog content. Since the start of Look 4 Less, posts have gone from strictly lookalike items to more widespread shopping topics. I've added a few personal posts, and tried to add some budget friendly finds for those on a super strict budget. When I first started The Look 4 Less there weren't a ton of blogs featuing ONLY looks 4 less, but now there are quite a few. I want my blog to stand out among the sea of similar blogs but I also want to have content that is relevant to my readers as well as interesting.

I realize that not every feature is going to be enjoyed by every single reader but I'd like to make sure that the content is working for a majority of the people. So, if you wouldn't mind (if you haven't already) voting in the poll in the top right corner of the blog, I would appreciate it. Seeing what features people like to read will help me get an idea of what parts of my blog to keep and which ones to think about eliminating to make it more streamlined and of course - reader friendly.

As always, feedback is appreciated! If you have any questions, please email me or comment below.


Anne said...

I honestly love all your posts. You do an awesome job and it is very entertaining as well as informative. Keep on doing what you're doing!!! We appreciate you :)

Clarissa said...

Agree with the comment above. You do a great job and I come here daily. Through your blog I've purchased a bunch of items and I have had inspiration for many outfits. Thank you!!

JennB said...

I've been following your blog for I don't know how long but I love they way you're going with it. Every time you do something new I find myself even happier the whole blog. I know there are quiet a few look for less type blogs but yours is and has always been my favorite.

Asian-Decor Maven said...

Your blog is the only one I visit daily! One sugesstion
try adding some professional attire (once in a while)
some of us work in Fortune 100 companies and
can't be too casual.

charcoal and lime said...

I too have followed you for a long time. Among about 15-20 blogs that I follow everyday, you are the first one I that I check in on. I also LOVE that you post several times a day. Your styling has really gotten amazing too! I like the variety of the types of post that you do too. What ever you change I know it will be just fine!