Style Me Saturday: Farrell Boots

Reader Maria bought these Sam Edelman Farrell boots in the cognac color shown. She wants some ideas of what to wear them with besides jeans, preferably a dress or skirt outfit. She loves Rachel Bilson and Jessica Alba's style, as well as occasionally the Olsen twins. I took inspiration from Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba, and Kate Bosworth who often rock short boots with dresses. Here are the two outfits I came up with for her - click on any image for more info unless otherwise noted!

I LOVE this Topshop dress, and you can click HERE for the ring shown.


Amy Lynn said...

I really love these looks! Thanks for the great idea - one question though - what kind of legwear would work with the dress/boots combo? Especially for the second (Topshop) dress? My first thought might be olive leggings/tights (??) but I am really not good at this so not sure. I don't think bare legs would work at all (not right with boots and too chilly still.) What would you advise?? TIA! :)

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Amy - if it's too cold where you live for now, I would try tights. Olive might work for the second dress - I would maybe try black for the first. Honestly though I think bare legs would work best, I was inspired by Kate Bosworth who always wears a similar pair of short boots with dresses/shorts and looks fab: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_9rWjALWfJSw/TUHeXph8lWI/AAAAAAAABYw/dVSwUN0mMAA/s1600/kate-bosworth-2-660.jpeg

Amy Lynn said...

Aahhh - I see what you mean. She does look fantastic! I think it is just me (a little conservative and I always feel a little self-conscious with legs exposed - they are rather scrawny with no shape!) but maybe I will stretch myself a little once it gets warmer. Thanks so much!