Style Me Saturday: Straight Leg Denim

Reader Keelee wrote in with the following dilemma:

"I love the look of skinny jeans on other women. Im 23, 5'2 and I guess you could say athletic build. I dont have big curves. I always want to buy a pair of skinny jeans but when I go to try them on I hate them on myself. I'm not a heel person and don't normally wear boots. I feel like the skinny jeans make my thighs look too big and my ankles look to small, if that makes any since. Do you have any suggestions on outfits that include flats that would work for casual date night or running errands?"

I understand Keelee's issue with how skinny jeans look because I too have an athletic build and always felt as though skinny jeans looked a little strange (on me) with flats. So, I wrote Keelee and suggested that she try some straight leg jeans. They will give her the slim fit that she is looking for but they don't taper at the ankle like a skinny jean does (I typically reserve my skinny jeans to tuck into boots and wear my straight leg jeans with flats, heels, or sandals). She was willing to try some out, so here are some date night/casual day outfits that I sent her featuring some straight leg jeans. Another tip is when wearing slim fitting jeans (skinny, straight, jeggings) - don't be afraid of adding a little bit of volume on top. You definitely don't want skin tight clothing on the top and bottom, so play with proportions a little bit! Click on any image for more information!

The jeans featured in this look are actually listed as "skinny" but I own a pair and they are definitely more straight leg in my opinion. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these jeans.

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Jen said...

I have two pairs of Morgans from Delia's and I love them too! A great alternative to full-on skinnies, and super flattering. I have bigger thighs and skinny calves, and I feel totally comfortable in them. Good pick!