J's Friday Faves + Frugal Finds

If you can believe it, I've only bought one $10 shirt since the end of January (ok, so I have bought a couple other things but I ended up returning them for various reasons - didn't fit, didn't like, etc). My husband and I are in the process of selling our current home and we're having a new one built (with a yard for Einstein!!) so my shopping "diet" is self imposed but has been shockingly easy to follow. I'm guessing that's because we're in a transition period right now - it's not really winter anymore but it's certainly not spring! Anyways, I've combined my Friday Faves and Frugal Finds (all under $50 this week) again - check out my picks below!

Click HERE for the olive dress in the lower left corner - everything else can be clicked on for more information.


Anonymous said...

I can relate! I've only spent about $20 shopping since Jan because my husband and I ended up buying our first house in early Feb and will be moving in next month. My budget for shopping is pretty much non-existent now..but it's for a good cause! :)

Unknown said...

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