Luck of the Irish - Green Finds Under $50

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!


To celebrate today, I thought I'd put together some fabulous green finds to share with you all! Here are some great green items that I spotted on the web (loving the Coffee Shop coat from Target!!) for less than $50 (note: use code TULIP on the dress for 15% off!). Happy shopping, and have a fun and safe St. Patty's Day!


A Fine Balance said...

I love the dress....I may splurge and purchase!

Kim said...

Wow, I love that Target jacket! Awesome find.
Einstein is too cute!!

Amy said...

I love your yorkie's pic!!!

Amber's Notebook said...

So, so cute!! Love einstien!!
Amber's Notebook

JaneDoe said...

Adorable pic of your Yorkie! :)