Style Me Saturday: Bahama Mama

Ashley wrote in as she is looking for some summer style inspiration, particularly suggestions for her upcoming family vacation to the Bahamas. She has a 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old, so she wants to be sure she can run after them easily and be comfortable. She likes skirts but feels shorts might be more practical, although she's not sure what style shorts would be appropriate. She loves Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft, as well as J Crew. She's also hoping some of the pieces will help get her thru summer weekends at home in Texas. Below are the outfit ideas that I sent Ashley - you can click on any image for more info unless otherwise noted.

These first two tops do come in other colors if white isn't your style or you're worried about the little ones making a mess. :)

Click here for the skirt shown, this could also be worn with a black or navy tank/shirt if you're worried about spills.

Click HERE for the top shown.

This dress could be dressed up or down, so Ashley could easily wear this during the day with the kiddos or on a date night with the husband.

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styled by 3 said...

bless you for helping me shift into spring mode! it's just still SO cold... you've given me hope that spring really is coming someday.