Style Me Saturday: Maternity Photos

A reader wrote in looking for some outfit ideas for her maternity photo session which will take place while the cherry blossoms are in bloom in Washington DC. She is going for a more casual style and is worried it is going to be too warm for jeans/boots/cardigan, but too cool for sundresses/sandals or cropped pants/tank top. She originally thought a white dress would look great in front of the cherry blossom background but is having issues finding a dress that fits her criteria (not too short, not too dressy, not strapless, or too low cut). Originally I sent her some dresses but I'm not sure they really would work, so I went back to the drawing board and here's what I came up with - click on any image for more information.

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Unknown said...

I would look for dresses at Old Navy. They have great spring colors & even some of the non-maternity options might be possibilities. Depends on how big she is. The pics sound like they'll be beautiful.