Style Me Saturday: Somewhere

Reader Holly recently watched the movie Somewhere by Sophia Coppola and fell in love with the young girl's wardrobe in the film. She loved the way the clothes seemed effortlessly cool and perfect for the Chateau Marmont setting of the movie. She's going to France soon and is also renovating her wardrobe and would love to find some pieces inspired by Cleo (played by Elle Fanning's) style. Here are some of the photos + the trailer that she included in her email.

Here are the outfits I put together for Holly, inspired by the trailer and photos above (I took liberties with her shoes and chose the best inspired option I could find for the rest) - click on any image for more information!

For the following two, I didn't include any jewelry but you could easily add some simple hoop earrings, a long necklace (maybe a tassel necklace like this one), or a bracelet.


Unknown said...

Love the blog Jen!!!

Just letting you know that I have passed on a blogger award to you! Here is the link!

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks Jess, you are so sweet! :)