Celebrity Look 4 Less: Eliza Coupe as Jane on Happy Endings

Actress Eliza Coupe plays Jane (the one in the navy cardigan) on ABC's "Happy Endings" and although all of the girls on the show have great style, I personally want to raid Jane's wardrobe. This outfit is from the brunch scene during the episode "Mein Coming Out". (Sorry for the bad quality photos, they are screencaps taken from a Hulu video).

If you also identify with the character Jane's style, I put together a similar outfit below. You can click on any of the items for more information with the exception of the earrings - click HERE and the necklace - click HERE.

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Christine said...

Love this show! And she's my fave character too! Why do I always identify with the somewhat crazy ones? haha! Keep the outfits coming! Girl's got great style!