Inspired by...Valentino

Valentino's Daphne single handle flap bag with bow detail retails for $1445 at Neiman Marcus.

Valentino at ShopStyle

Yes, this Melie Bianco bag has some differences but it has enough of a similar feel that I thought it would make a great inspired by option. It retails for $96 and you can click on the photo below if you're interested in purchasing.

Melie Bianco at ShopStyle


Kristen said...

Well unless I'm going crazy or my computer is screwy - I see 2 pictures and links of the same exact $1,400 Valentino bag...woopsy

Chloe said...

Be still my beating heart - GREAT find, J! I actually like the Melie Bianco bag more! *hopes her Valentino Ultimate Fan card doesn't get revoked*

Unknown said...

Now that's darling!