J's Friday Faves: White Denim

One item I'm wanting for spring/summer are a pair of crisp white jeans. I haven't decided if I want skinny or flare, but I love the crisp, clean look. Here's some celebrity inspiration (via Google image search) that I thought might convince you that you need a pair as well!

Because everyone's budgets vary, I kept the denim I found for my faves this week under $100, but most are in the under $75 range. Click on any image for more information unless otherwise noted!

Click here for the middle option shown.

What are you craving for spring and summer? Thoughts on white denim?

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Lorena said...

Maybe I am a total fashion faux pas- however since I live is summer weather all year round I wear white jeans and pants all the time.
In fact i have two pairs of white jeans and two pairs of white trousers and I wear them a lot !
Oh yes get a pair -