Style Me Saturday: Master's Degree

Sarah is getting her Master's degree and is looking for a fun dress to wear to graduation. She loves Blair Waldorf's style on Gossip Girl and admires her feminine style without being too revealing or overtly sexy. She is looking for a dress that isn't too low cut, approximately knee length skirt, nothing strapless. She wants flats or low heels since she'll be standing most of the day. She also dislikes polyester, so natural fibers are preferred. Her budget is $200-250 for the entire outfit.

First I sent Sarah several dresses that I found that might work for her graduation ceremony, and asked her to choose a couple that she would like me to accesssorize. Here are all of the dresses I sent her, and the completed outfits below. Click on any image for more information unless otherwise noted.

I chose espadrille wedges for this look, but kitten heels like these could easily be worn instead.

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