Celebrity Look 4 Less: Kristen Wiig as Annie in Bridesmaids

I laughed so much while watching Bridesmaids, but in between my giggles I was admiring Kristen Wiig's style as maid of honor Annie. (Photo credit) The Possessionista has id'd many items seen in the movie, although most are from last year and are sold out.

If you also loved Annie's style, I put together two looks for you using a similar black blazer (click HERE to view or purchase) and turquoise necklace (Note: click HERE to get a similar gold disc necklace from Etsy *not shown below* ). In the second photo, the rest of her outfit isn't visible so I took some liberties. Click on any of the other items shown to purchase or for more information! Note: For a more accurate look, I would change out the blazer's black button for gold (MJTrim has a ton, or check your local fabric store). It's a quick and easy change that will make it closer to Annie's style.)


Erica said...

great looks, love that striped top!

MiaCulpa said...

A majority of Annie's wardrobe came from Urban Outfitters from last year, I used to work there and recognize it.

Courtney Wright said...

You can get the turquoise beads from Stella and Dot.