Royal Look 4 Less: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (Reader Request)

A reader wrote in wondering if I could put together a look 4 less of the outfit Catherine (Kate, whatever) wore the day after the wedding as she left for her honeymoon. Her actual dress is from Zara and cannot be ordered online (click here to see the real items she's wearing featured on Possessionista). (Photo credit)

I had some trouble finding lookalike items but I think I came pretty close. Click here for a darker colored blue dress as an alternative. Otherwise, you can click on any of the items shown below to purchase or for more information.


Stacey said...

I just picked up this dress in Zara today and I adore it!!



Rachel said...

That dress is by Zara and the link is here:

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Rachel - Yes, I know the dress is from Zara. Someone asked me to do a look 4 less.

Patti said...

Plus they seem to be selling out from Zara really quickly - all of the ones in Chicago are completely sold out of the dress. Lucky you, Stacey, for snapping one up!