Style Me Saturday: All Star Game Events

A reader wrote in because she's going to the MLB All-Star Game in July and needs some cute outfits to wear. The events are 2 night games, 1 day game, and 1 "casual" (read: trendy more than casual) party to attend with her baseball playing boyfriend. Casual wear, even at the games, is not really worn in the friends and family section of the game, people rarely wear tennis shoes and a tshirt - more likely skinny jeans, a jacket, and heels. In terms of style she likes the Kardashian sisters (especially Kim), Jennifer Aniston, and Vanessa Minnillo to name a few. She wants to avoid flowy, billowy tops and doesn't wear a lot of tank tops. She also needs shoes and accessories, and budget is not a huge factor (although I tried to be reasonable!). Click on any of the images below for more information unless otherwise noted.

Day Game (roll up the sleeves of the shirt):

Night Games (click HERE for the jeans):

I would try the jacket below without the waist tie, but it may work with it as well.

Casual party look, you could also substitute wedges for the flat sandals shown.

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CityrockaP said...

Great Blog. Love the looks, especially the accessories. Multi-strand necklaces rule!