Style Me Saturday: July Wedding

Reader Joy is in a wedding in Atlanta this July and is looking for some outfit suggestions. She needs an outfit for the rehearsal dinner, which will be at an upscale bowling lounge so a bit more casual than a traditional rehearsal dinner (but she still wants to look nice!). She's fine with skinny jeans or a dress and her budget is $150 or less, so I gave her options for both. She's also supposed to find a black dress and gold shoes to wear in the wedding. Joy is a little taller than the rest of the bridesmaids, so no heels over 4" and the dress should be cocktail length but still have an evening feel to it. Her style is a blend of classic and trendy, inspired by Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Conrad, and Kim Kardashian. Her budget for the bridesmaid dress and shoes is $200. You can click on any of the images below (unless otherwise noted) if you're interested in purchasing or want more information!

Click HERE for the jeans shown in both sets below.

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myx n mingle said...

I have the gold Nine West Accolia heels and LOVE them! I'm fairly tall myself, and these are comfy and don't make me feel like a giant :)