Style Me Saturday: Sun Sensitive

Reader Stephanie is on a medication that makes her skin extra sensitive to the summer sun. She likes to be outside and her doctor is urging her to cover up. She's looking for some outfits that provide coverage but won't be too hot, and also wants to look cute (and not break the bank). She's also in the market for a cute sun hat, loves sundresses and skirts, and is into vintage inspired style. Stephanie also likes to ride her cruiser bicycle often, so too long skirts/dresses are out. Here are the outfits I sent her - some of the items are linked above each set, otherwise click on any of the items shown for more information.

I found a ton of great vintage inspired fashion at Shop Ruche, and the prices are great there too. I tried to go for 3/4 sleeve or long sleeve items, and lightweight fabrics are always great - Stephanie could stretch some of her existing wardrobe by covering short sleeve or sleeveless dresses or tops with a lightweight linen cardigan for a little more coverage.

Click HERE for the dress shown in this first outfit.

Click HERE for the skirt in this set.

Click HERE for the dress shown below.

And click HERE for the hat shown below.

Here are a few more hats I thought were cute...


Style, Decor & More said...

Love the floppy hats! The Nordstrom hat is a great price too!

I'm a new follower on GFC! Love your blog!

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Hope you'll hop by!

sel said...

It seems like maxi dresses plus a light cardigan would be the way to go if she needs to cover up her legs too.