Style Me Saturday: Uma's Jewelry

A reader wrote in as she's getting married next year and has started thinking about what she wants to wear on her big day. She spotted this photo of Uma Thurman in Cannes and loved the green earrings and bracelet with the white dress. She was looking for something similar at a reasonable price, and wondered if I could help.

I didn't have as much luck as I thought I would, but I did stumble across a beautiful pair of earrings by Kendra Scott (which retail for $95). The emerald version is sold out on her website (although it looks like you can design your own earrings in her color bar - click HERE), but luckily Rent the Runway has them available for $15 (rental period = 4 days). Not a member? Click HERE to sign up!

In terms of the bracelet, I also had poor luck but did spot this pretty option from Etsy. It retails for $28 from the shop NoelleLaBelle. Click HERE to view.


Lauren said...

These are strikingly similar, too --


Lauren said...

Sorry, sorry. One last tip --
If it's statement jewelry you're looking for, try Elizabeth Cole or Fiona Paxton.

Just look at these earrings:

Emily said...

Ann Taylor had some beautiful emerald-esque jewelry this winter. There might still be some pieces out there somewhere.


Emily @ Little Bits of Delight said...

I found these! http://www.vivre.com/product/burnished_emerald_earrings (They're $95)

copperkitten said...

If you are looking for deep emerald green or rich coral colours check out Amrita Singh's web site - she has a lot of very similar earring to the one's Uma is wearing.

J @ The Look 4 Less said...

Thanks everyone! I'm not sure what the reader's budget is exactly but I'm sure she'll take a look at your suggestions and go from there!

becky said...

here is another suggestion for some beautiful pieces!