Kate Spade Charm Heels

Thanks to reader Lauren for this great find!

Can you say obsessed? That's how I feel about these glittery bow heels from Kate Spade. I ADORE them, but I don't adore their $325 price tag. (They are especially pretty in the multi-colored glitter!)

Kate Spade at ShopStyle

J. Renee has a gorgeous, budget friendly alternative that comes in all of the same color options as the Kate Spade shoes (click HERE for the multi-color). They retail for $79.95 and you can click on the photo below to purchase (also a bonus for those who like a shorter heel - these are 2 3/4" vs. Kate Spade's 3 1/2" heels).

J. Renee at ShopStyle


Schnelle said...

Obssesed? yes. These are so fun! Great dupe- I just wish the heel was a little higher.

Shannon said...

LOVE these! I've been looking for a "look for less" for the kate spades' and I'm so glad to see one here!!!!