Inspired by...Pinterest [Reader Request]

A reader wrote in requesting I recreate this look that she found on Pinterest. It's actually a Polyvore set, which you can view HERE.

I tried to remain as true as possible to the original outfit, while still remaining budget conscious. You can click HERE for the shirt shown (which is shorter than the original so I included jeggings instead of tights), HERE for the bag, and HERE for the sunglasses. All of the other items can be clicked on in the photo below for more information.


Unknown said...

Love both of the looks specially the very first one. I will have added my favorite fur vest to make it more me of course. Great post!

VP said...

Obsessed with that first look. Excellent job recreating it!

Erin Nicolle said...

I've been a long time lurker of your blog (first time posting) and I am loving the bags on the Mimi boutique website! Thanks for the recommendation!