Inspired by...Pinterest

I love this look from Pinterest, in fact it's making me really want to purchase a denim button down.

I put together a similar look, although I substituted leggings for more substantial denim jeggings. Click on any of the images below for more information with the exception of the peace bracelet - click HERE.


Anonymous said...

I pinned the same picture on my pinterest! Love the combo.

DorchestersDaughter said...

I love this! I actually wore something very similar just last Saturday. The only difference was added a red back for a pop of color. It was a hit, I got so many compliments that day. I found my denim button down at H&M if you are interested in purchasing one.

emswife said...

1st...I must get up on this pinterest thing because someone sent me an invite...I checked it out, but clearly I haven't REALLY checked it ou. 2nd...GREAT easy breezy cute look! AND I have ALL the pieces to recreate similiar look. Just FYI Target has really cute denim tops like this (lite & dark wash)..Mossimo brand. When they were on sale they were $17 and I think regular price $22. I bought both washes. AND I got a cute pair of black jeggings at Walmart courtesy of the Miss Tina line! Maybe they were $15-$17 bucks at the time.

Anonymous said...

I've been looking for a (longer style) denim button down!

I want to style it with leggins, riding boots and a cool hunter vest.