Get the Look: Leather Jackets Under $400 [Reader Request]

A reader recently wrote in wondering if I could find a lookalike of the Rick Owens leather jacket that retails for almost $2500 at Net-A-Porter. She wanted a similar style for $400 or less (and wanted it to be real leather). Another reader also wrote in wondering if I could post some leather jacket options that didn't cost $900. So, this post was born.

These two jackets are an alternative to the Rick Owens version, retailing for $298 at Bluefly and the second retails for $276.

MICHAEL Michael Kors at ShopStyle

Elie Tahari at ShopStyle

If you are just looking for some leather jacket options, here are a ton of great jackets which are all $400 or less. Click (or mouse over) the image for more information (my favorite is the camel Hinge jacket - the second one in the first row)!

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Jade said...

Love the first jacket, super adorable and at a great price!!

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