Style Me Saturday: Same Coat, Different Day

Reader Michelle wrote in wondering if I could help her with her wardrobe dilemma. She lives in cold, wet Seattle and almost always has to wear her black North Face Denali coat. The problem with wearing the same coat every day, is she feels like she's always wearing the same outfit. She also needs some waterproof shoes or boots.

My suggestion to make your outerwear feel different is to change up your cold weather accessories often. Forever 21, Charlottte Russe, and Old Navy (to name a few) have a great selection of scarves and adorable knit hats (also check out Etsy) that won't break the bank. You should be able to get quite a few accessories for not a lot of dough to make your weekdays seem a little less monotonous. I also found a great selection of cute rain boots, and if you're looking for something a little less utilitarian - a few waterproof leather boot options that are a little more stylish.

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