Style Me Saturday: San Antonio Trip

Reader Katelyn wrote in wondering if I could help her with some outfit ideas for her trip to San Antonio. She will be dressing up some (out for drinks) as well as sightseeing and shopping. Her style inspirations include Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba, and Ashley Greene. She plans on bringing several shoes, including black boots, wedge lace up hiking boots (light beige/tan suede). She tends to overpack, so wanted some help! Here are the outfits I came up with for her, click on any image for more information unless otherwise noted.

I tried to make it easier for Katelyn by putting together outfits that are all in the same color palette. This is a trick I use when packing to help make changing up outfits and mixing and matching a little easier while packing less. Instead of bringing a bunch of different shoes, I used the same boots throughout (although Katelyn may want to bring a pair of black flats or flat boots to switch out if she plans on doing a lot of walking).

Katelyn bought this dress and wanted to know how to wear it - I think this would be a great look for an semi casual evening out (they will be hitting up a jazz club).

This would also work for an evening out, but could be worn with flats or flat boots during the day. I love the sequin sweater, so cute.

Click HERE for the jacket shown in this set.