Style Me Saturday: NYC Anniversary All Day Date

Reader Sara is celebrating her anniversary with her boyfriend on January 18th and has planned an entire day starting with cupcakes, lunch, and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge to eat at Grimaldi's. She want something comfortable but cute for the occasion. She doesn't want to spend more than $150 and wants to use the black boots (similar to the ones shown below) that she already owns.

Sara has a very specific style, she prefers simple clothing (no ruffles, sequins, or glitter) and doesn't like red, orange or yellow. She tends to wear a lot of neutrals and doesn't wear scarves, hats, belts, or jewelry.

Here is the outfit I sent her - I chose a sweater with a lace design on it to give the top some visual interest and paired it with a great jacket (love the large lapels) and fingerless gloves (so cute). Click on any of the images below for more information or to purchase.

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